Independent.  Unbiased. Transparent.  Fee Conscious.

Francesco Coccimiglio, CIM®
Portfolio Manager and Investment Advisor

Francesco has built long lasting, trust-based relationships with his clients during his over 14 year career as a Portfolio Manager and Investment Advisor. Professionalism, integrity and transparency are the core values that drive his interactions both personally and professionally.

Points of


As an investment advisor and Portfolio Manager, Francesco strives to act in the best interest of his clients as his primary goal.  With no “hidden agenda” or drive to sell any particular financial product, Francesco provides an independent and fully transparent investment advisory experience.  


Francesco values unbiased investment research and advice. He has access to many independent research resources that allows him to thoroughly analyze investment ideas and only select investments that he believes are best suited to his clients' needs. Hampton Securities offers no proprietary products that can get in the way of providing independent, objective, and unbiased investment research.

Unbiased Investment Advice

Francesco believes it is important to take a holistic approach to a client's financial goals and objectives. He can refer his clients to a team of experts for matters of tax, business succession and estate planning. 

Francesco knows that exceptional service is an ongoing, dynamic process.  He offers his clients periodic service meetings, portfolio rebalancing, and retirement planning. As your needs change your investment strategy may need to change to meet your current financial situation.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

As an independent advisor Francesco has access to thousands of mutual funds, ETFs, and alternative investments. Free from the constraints of proprietary products he is able to work with his clients to determine which investment options are best suited for their unique financial situation.

“Open Architecture" Investment Platform

Francesco offers an exceptional personal service experience. Each client works directly with Francesco when making important investment decisions. He is committed to accommodating any individual client’s needs and responding to their questions within 24 hours.

Exceptional Personal Service

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